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Evolution Through Revolution

by Brutal Truth

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Brutal Truth returns after 10 + years with Evolution through Revolution, yet another classic in the band's legacy of indispensable records. Evolution through Revolution is Brutal Truth at the height of its powers.


released April 14, 2009

Relapse Records



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Brutal Truth New York, New York

Brutal Truth is an American grindcore band from New York City, formed by ex-Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, and Stormtroopers Of Death bass guitarist Dan Lilker in 1990. The group disbanded in 1999, but reformed in 2006 and continue to release new music.

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Track Name: Sugardaddy
Decay and rot today

Sugar daddy's killing
Sugar daddy's killing crowds today

Your misconceptions,
Pure speculation
With no perception
Sugar daddy's killing crowds today
Track Name: Turmoil
Forget your past -- fall in sync
Building lies with black deceit
Watch our lord bow and crack your mind
Watch them all form a line

Watch the lot follow sheep
Grazing fuels the obsolete
Build a life to surpass
Bending thoughts to false belief
End the crime of all mankind
Our sweet need to kill in your good name

Kiss the cross and hope to see
What those above have chose to seize
A world of turmoil, blocked in pain
Only to repeat again
Track Name: Daydreamer
I taste the dreams of yesterday
Choosing wise of what to say
Move too slow, bitch and moan

I'll -- I'll find
Your future ain't so ugly
You'll decide
Watching you -- killing me

I taste the dreams of yesterday
Choosing wise of what to say
You move too slow, bitch and moan

I'll -- I'll find
Your future ain't so ugly

A curse within your wildest dreams
Believe in change... believe it

A curse within your wildest dreams
Negative thoughts of yesterday
Track Name: On the Hunt
Gutting the masses and smashing the classes
Hunting the factions

Walking through
Your position doesn't bother me
A lost idle mockery
I'll break it down so you see
The pieces ain't so confusing
You put a square in a square
I can't make this more clear
Track Name: Fist In Mouth
Crickets back, shotgun in front set
Playing god with what used to be
If not for you I would agree
Mistakes are empty and promises are for free cry

Pick a line I heard um does he maybe want to use 'em all
Break your silence as you hit your wall
I taste your freedom it tastes of shit
A force of nature will repeat itself

Cry...and say goodnight
Say goodnight

Common and taste it... taste the light

The gravity of you actions are fillet to see
Your cowardice approach of annihilation day

Common taste it... taste the light
Track Name: Get A Therapist
Policy of war want more
Callous in your thinking need belief in
What you'd like to find a little piece of mind
But you only find the clandestine

Do as they say -- stop thinking
Ask why -- they lie
Straight line -- cross ties
Genocide -- life crime

Bark or bite with no reason why
Future crimes mankind
Graze the sheep are all rolling by
Man and slaughter -- we're all fine...just fine

Do as they ask, back off, behave
With their thoughts, your life
Their grip, feel life slip

All bark, no bite
Feel insane, that's normal
No one likes this order
Time to ride let's ride

All this bark all of this might... is it worth the fight
Change is hard for one, imagine global one
All this pain and suffering just go away
If we stopped to think -- think
Track Name: War Is Good
War is good
Can't you feel the prosperity
Breath success
Knocking on the door
Handing out all the blood soaked money
Our future world collapsing in the infrastructure

Killing survival

Killing survival
Once you drop and break your silence
Killing survival
Our future world will explode
Killing survival
A life based on random crime
Killing survival
Would you rather educate

Kill or survive it does not matter
As long you do not educate
Track Name: Evolution
A social cleansing to brighten our shie
Our post world order holds the test in time
And all the devils smiling handfuls of thoughts
Their choking thoughts of my brave new world

A world of order, one of control
A world in broken dreams of something forgone
A world of selfless and expressionless thought
Of grazing sheep losing track of their flock...
Their flock

A world of order that evolves from the heart
I break the rhythm of all you would want
A system of pride with hopes and dreams
Broken shards of glass cuts deep through our seam

Evolution revolution watch you redefine
Evolution revolution watch you cross the line
Evolution revolution practice what you preach?
Evolution revolution watch you define
Track Name: Powder Burn
Times a changing
Take control of your shiny toy
And break your hold
A failed reign of self control

A perfect imperfect laugh
Laughing down a hole
Searching for some clarity
Taste the powder on your tongue
Close the book on life today

Times a wasting -- take a look at yourself
Reflecting on your misery collapsing

Times a wasting -- take a look at yourself
Better late than never taste your powder burns
Track Name: Attack Dog
Mass hysteria running wild in the streets
The global market is in a state of decline
We look to one another for answers to the blind

Licensed to kill and hunt a break to watch their kind
Collapse and kill another clip and turn to call their find bankrupt...
Track Name: Branded
[no lyrics]
Track Name: Detached
Pick apart my heart

The bleeding in your heart
Cuts away your loss
Final detachment
Collapse -- declined in your thoughts

Pleased to know, you're all that knows
Sweet love of mine, I'm cold as stone
A touch of ice -- a breaking point in tone
Yeah -- yeah -- yeah -- I'll choose to walk alone
Track Name: Global Good Guy
Hell fire, feel my blood begin to boil
Dark religion, a doctorate charade
Preach your politics of global good guy
Watch our world catch cold and die

Watching it die
Trained monkeys
Grinding their pockets for crime
Lessons -- preach choirs and gospels reign down
Slipping -- the morals and crimes that you paint

Hell fire, feel my blood begin to boil
Preach your politics of global good guy
Fuck you

Poor vision previsions of booty
Good guys in black attack
The symptoms, the sweating, the sneezing

Trained monkeys
Grinding their pockets for crime
Lessons -- preach choirs and gospels reign down
Slipping -- the morals and crimes that you paint
Forgiving -- the gospel of choirs ring out

The gospel of bullshit and lies...
Track Name: Humpty Finance
Train the fools in politics to placate the fortunate
Apologies for you -- our gift of unglues
Short of shallow thinking, our leaking ship is sinking
Precious few survive, Humpty dumpty finance

Wall street suit n ties weave corporate lies
Aig the crime -- bailout corrupt lies?

Look at all this run around, blaming one another
Point the finger, stuff your pockets,
Wink at one another
Rub your cocks with sweat
From backs the working stiffs blue collar
Think of your mistakes
As you fall and break your crown
Track Name: Semi-Automatic Carnation
[no lyrics]
Track Name: Itch
Our blind ambitions only bleed us dry
Endless drama always killing time

Scratch your innocence

Consume the soul of mankind
Enslaved in our zombie dance
Claw through the dirt of man
Picking apart our holocaust
Pick it apart

A rabid lust to penetrate our being
Pursue our future
And calculate risks through global decimation
Pick it apart

Our blind ambitions only bleed us dry
Endless drama always killing time
Dogs in chains howling at moons
Brave new dreams with crazy fools?

Scratch your innocence
Track Name: Afterword
Praise religions
Smash divisions
Corporate systems, cybernation
Clear visions -- through cybernation

Praise the light

Swing the axe of progress
While breaking down the formula
Chemically based future
A dead world obliteration

A push for global warming, a self-analysis and our
System has manufactured its economy based on
Principles of annihilation... a world of technological
Advances without repercussion bring on the demise of
Civilization... reap the benefits of our future based in
Chemical destruction. a world of misery... taste our
Misery, bring on annihilation
Track Name: Lifer
I know -- the policies of war
I know -- the ruthless sacrifice
I know -- that broken toys explode
You know -- I'll never compromise

Born into -- smashing divisions
Religious conviction in lime
Moral repression depression
Our cattle are starting to drive

Your reason for breaking the heart and your mind
Usurp the beliefs of last few who cry

Fucking tourist start your drive to mundane existence
This lifer could give a fuck
If you had your own opinion
Track Name: Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
[The Minutemen cover]

I'm waiting and diversing
I'm collecting...diversing information...
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs!
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs!
Manifesto on my window and my fruit...
Rotation...admiration...outline my root...
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs!
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs
Track Name: Grind Fidelity
I'll find a better way
Preach of love and hope another day
Face another day
Much the same as the useless day before
Drop my jealousies
My fooled ambitions of peace
While man destroys our earth
My life my ambitions lie

Punching through another day,
Swimming through disease
Reaching through your inner demons
While smashing all divisions

Lay to rest your tired dreams of grand design divisions
Lick the blood of razor wire
Cutting through thick mire.
Spilling empty policies -- mundane hypocrisies
Catapult your logic transgress inaccuracies...
And life deals